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Click here to support Help Sir Remington Gnawsalot Afford Vet Bills organized by Katt Stefanik:


Hey y’all, if you can share this to get it some traction that would be great. My dog is sick, and may be dying. We found out that he has been bleeding internally and that caused anemia which caused a collapse yesterday during our walk. We have some medicine to treat one possibility for what could be wrong, but we won’t know for sure if it’s a bleeding ulcer or a tumor until we get an ultrasound next week. But, we’ve also been told that if his red blood cell count doesn’t improve in the next 48 hours, he may die regardless.

We’re just looking for some help paying the costs of his bills, which are already $500, with at least $300 more for the ultrasound next week, in addition to blood testing we need to do on Friday.

Share and donate if you can, thank you!