Miss Molly: I learn a little bit more about he…

Miss Molly:
I learn a little bit more about her every day. Yesterday we took the dogs to the dog park. A gardener was working nearby and every time he got near the fence she barked her head off, at one point she was standing on her back legs to see him. I thought maybe she didn’t like the trash can he was carrying, but, I think she was onto something. People have walked by before and she didn’t care. There was another dog there that did the same thing when he would get too close and the owner said she NEVER barks, I think something wasn’t right with him.

Early this AM Molly barked and barked and then I heard a noise. I got up and looked around and lo and behold the contractor was outside and she has seen him numerous times now. He had texted me last night that he was going to be here early but I missed it. She is very protective and aware! She earned her treats today. [x]