Category: active airedales

Happy New Year!
Betsy having a blast in the fresh snow.
From New Brunswick, Canada [x]

Romping with Rue.
Lots of fun! [x]

Mina flies! She loves our back property. Mostly she’s only got a paw or two on the ground! Our joy! ❤️❤️❤️ Soon to be 18 months! [x]

Teilo enjoying the aftermath of Storm Hannah yesterday! 🐕🌬🍃🌤 [x]

En acción un AIREDALE feliz!!!

Excelente fin de semana [x]

24 hours is all it took for Doris to go from a bath, well groomed and sweet smelling to the salty drowned rat look.[x]

Kayla and Grace are flying… [x]

Had the courage for off Lead today and they loved it! Forestry and Trails and new Smells.[x]

This is our Pixie in action! [x]

Patton says, “Happy Friday y’all! And can someone please turn off the rains so I can go swimming again?” [x]