Category: Airedale Terrier

Rivers loves her new bed ❤️❤️[x]

The stuffed doggie won this round. [x]

After more than 1 hour, aileron the airedale wanted to come inside …. look at his face ! Teddy bear … not an airedale terrier [x]

Fiona wanted me to tell everyone it’s her 2nd birthday today! Maybe mom and dad will take her out for some ice cream later 😋 [x]

This isn’t happiness to see me! I got home kinda late this evening. [x]

Thirsty Janet and her drinking habits all over the kitchen floor 🤣[x]

Happy New Year!
Betsy having a blast in the fresh snow.
From New Brunswick, Canada [x]

This is what happens when you roll in poop. The hated hair dryer. [x]

Look at this sweet face! Ms. Mercury is 6 months old now! Love her. [x]

Amos celebrating getting on the sofa…Amber looks a little less thrilled about this development 😂 [x]