Category: dozing dales

Rivers loves her new bed ❤️❤️[x]

The stuffed doggie won this round. [x]

Look at this sweet face! Ms. Mercury is 6 months old now! Love her. [x]

Does anyone else’s Airedale sleep with their hand over their face? (I’d like to think she was embarrassed about getting footprints on the bed, but no) [x]

Oooooh that Teazle! She’s not supposed to be curled up in my new mohair throw ……. but she looks so cozy ☺️ [x]

May all your Christmas dreams come true ❤️❤️ [x]

I put a blanket on Lily and she kept it there! Awww 😍 [x]

10 days of boarding will do this to our fluffs😴 [x]

After playing in the snow, chasing cats, and barking at delivery trucks; it’s time to chill on the couch. 🐾🐾 [x]

The best dog. [x]