Category: Happy Birthday

Fiona wanted me to tell everyone it’s her 2nd birthday today! Maybe mom and dad will take her out for some ice cream later 😋 [x]

Topper is 6 today… December 10th. Here he is in his favorite mode of transportation on the farm. [x]

Our teddy bear turned three today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PEPPER! (Husky Airedale Terrier Mix…also mixed with a little bit of naughty too [x]

Yoshi is 2 years old today 🎉🎉🎉 He proudly presents his birthday present to you 🙌🏼😉 [x]

Happy 6th birthday to our Gooch! [x]

Gunther is 7 today!! He picked out his own birthday cake at the dog bakery! 🎂 [x]

Happy Valentine’s Day to you 💓, Happy Birthday to me 💕💕 Big SIX 😘[x]

Happy 14th Birthday to our big bundle of Love Duke!!! We rescued him 8 years ago today and our lives have never been the same 😍😍😍we hope you have a few more good years left ❤️💓❤️💓 [x]

Mason turns 3 today! [x]

Happy First Birthday Marley. [x]