Category: happy pawlidays

6 inches of fresh powder to start the New Year! Happy New Year from the fluffaluffagus, yeti, Buckwheat Dog! [x]

Fireworks are in force already. Had to put a leash on Gracie Lou. Each time one goes off I have to hold onto to it as she wants to run outside to see them. She will actually watch them. On the 4th of July she would run outside then run back in to get me to watch them with her. Its raining outside so i had to close her doggie door. She is not happy with her mom, as fireworks and rain are two of her favorite things in life. [x]

Champagne wishes and caviar dreams. Here’s to a great 2019! [x]

Nobody comes down my chimney. [x]

Every years most challenging picture. To have two dales posing ! [x]

Merry Christmas from Finnie!🎄❤️🎅🏻❤️🐶[x]

Joval Bleue Lavande she’s growing up on me [x]

Fergus got groomed today, doesn’t he look so handsome!?! 🎄✂️🐶💕[x]

Waiting for Santa Paws to come! Feeling blessed! [x]

Ok! Ok! One more photo in that darned hat. But first, show me the chicken! [x]