Category: lol

Thirsty Janet and her drinking habits all over the kitchen floor 🤣[x]

Trying to take a nice picture but a bee pass at the same time! 🤦‍♀️ [x]

How many times have you opened the door and had the fuzz heads push through to see what’s going on? [x]

Comfy ? Really ? [x]

Winston: “…just KICK the Dang BALL, will you!!!” (humans a little slow)😂😂😂

Now you see me and now you don’t!😂 [x]

What I said: “Monty, sit still so I can take your picture.” #launchsequenceactivated #boing [x]

“Uh mom, can’t you see it’s raining? I am not going for a walk in this mess.” [x]

Does anyone else have a nosy dale? [x]

We had our kitchen floor done today and it is off limits until tomorrow. Maggie and Trixie will not be dissuaded. [x]