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May all your Christmas dreams come true ❤️❤️ [x]

Wishing all the Airedales and their humans a very Merry Christmas…if you have a chance, please donate to your area Humane Society. My mom and dad had a big party and their friends gave over 700 lbs of food, 225 lbs of kitty litter and over $1000 to our Humane Society. I hope all their Dogs and Cats find their forever Humans this Christmas.
Love, Kenzi [x]

Saylor is ready for Christmas. [x]

Mommy when is Santa coming? [x]

Merry Christmas [x]

Visions of sugarplums… and that ball! [x]

Merry Christmas from Tigga (Australia) wishing all our Airedale families all over the world a safe and happy holiday season. [x]

Merry Christmas from Colt and I [x]

She’s a candy cane girl [x]

Nobody comes down my chimney. [x]