Category: Merry Christmas

Every years most challenging picture. To have two dales posing ! [x]

Merry Christmas from Finnie!🎄❤️🎅🏻❤️🐶[x]

Joval Bleue Lavande she’s growing up on me [x]

Fergus got groomed today, doesn’t he look so handsome!?! 🎄✂️🐶💕[x]

Waiting for Santa Paws to come! Feeling blessed! [x]

Ok! Ok! One more photo in that darned hat. But first, show me the chicken! [x]

Photo session today. [x]

Inspired by other members’ Christmas pup pictures, we decided to post ours! We had a photo shoot by the tree tonight! After 10,739 tries, we got one! 🤣 [x]

Merry Christmas from Maggie in Connecticut! Hope Santa brings goodies to all of our fur babies! [x]

Sleepy Button… [x]