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Amber with her little sister puppy Willow. 😊💤💤[x]

”Are you planning to grow legs?” [x]

Pablo and Nelly ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️[x]

Corolla, Echo, Venza & Vista! [x]

Just adorable❤️And this is why I have had the big/little combo❤️ Bella grieved for 6 months after her little Westie Mama passed. Alysh healed her heart. Everyone always comments on how Bella seems years younger and is so active and happy again. [x]


Rudy the airedale and his beagle Uncle Toby

On our way back from our little Memorial Day trip. Clearly Maggie does not understand the concept of personal space! [x]

Current situation [x]

Ha Ha Ha!! I tried Alison!! 3 Babies are a Challenge!! Especially when Abigail don’t want to Cooperate!! Love my Fur Kids [x]

Help!  I give up! [x]