Category: Partners In Crime

Amos celebrating getting on the sofa…Amber looks a little less thrilled about this development 😂 [x]

Best buddies [x]

We Halp, Mum!! [x]

Hard day at the dog park and helping Mom with gardening and setting up the patio [x]

Waiting on moms left overs [x]

The twins say Happy Valentines Day ❤️❤️ [x]

I love you 😍Diva and Boomer 😀 [x]

Kayla and Grace are flying… [x]

HAPPY 😊 NEW YEAR from Lena (Joval Waiting on a Friend) and Jones (DonaldMac’s Wild 😜Horses 🐎)! May 2019 be filled with happiness, joy, love ❤️, laughter, good times, good friends, and good health! [x]

Hummelchen & Rosi posing also in cold and rainy weather…. [x]