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This one most content when chewing or sniffing! Khaleesi, 5 mos, Seattle. [x]

Can I just tell you my big boy Monte is the best ever! He is 10 weeks old and my car broke down today. We sat in the shade for 1 hr in 90° weather waiting for the tow. Kept giving him cold water and fanning him. He never complained at all. Just sat next to me or on me. It made me cry. He is truly special!  [x]

Doris is babysitting [x]

Haven’t posted my pup Jackie woo. She is a girlie girl. Really sweet. Enjoying every minute. 5months [x]

Arnie graduated his puppy class! Couldn’t be more proud of this hard little worker! 🎓 [x]

This is my new baby Bingley after his first Big Boy bath. He was a little shocked and slightly disgruntled.🤣 [x]

That face…. ❤❤❤ [x]

This is my airedorable tilly🐾 [x]

this is my 4 month old male named Diesel. We absolutely love and adore him! [x]