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Current view of the Chiefs game [x]

Harvey’s favourite Christmas present. [x]

Hi all!! Thank you for accepting me into the group!! I’m a brand new Airedale owner. Only had my little guy a week and a half. He’s 10 weeks old today. Super smart!! He loves playing and hanging out with his older pit bull brother, trying to get the cats to play, pulling a cat in a bag, running the farm, and of course waking mom and dad up at night!! I’m completely in love with him and his breed. This is Makai with my horse, Zephyr and one just of Makai. [x]

Mason and Meeka [x]


Rudy the airedale and his beagle Uncle Toby

Daddy checks on these babies all the time. Orange girl even got good morning kisses! [x]

Fresh airecut…..her ear is in the air and she just don’t care😉……all tired out 💤🎀💖[x]


Miss Pepper Potts got her spring trim and is lookin handsome!

it took a lot of treats to coax him into this sweatshirt, but it was worth it! 😅 [x]

Piper, my Snowdale! [x]