Category: Teazle

Oooooh that Teazle! She’s not supposed to be curled up in my new mohair throw ……. but she looks so cozy ☺️ [x]

Bracken is fully focused on the treat in hand, Teazle can hear noises in the next room and is deciding if that might yield a bigger treat! [x]

The crunch of toast – brings airedales together fast! [x]

Whenever we stop for coffee we get lots of smiles and pointing …. I wonder why? [x]

One of Bracken and Teazle’s favourite pastimes – people watching.
It does get a bit noisy if a dog appears. [x]

The post zoomies crash out! [x]

At almost 2-½ yrs old, Teazle rarely chews things anymore – however, there are certain things she just can’t resist! [x]

Welcoming committee adorned in Christmas collars on the step, decals on the windows – we’re all set for the holiday season [x]

Get out of bed, fetch robe from wardrobe and by the time I turn to make the bed … there is a big furry lump on it.

Teazle is beginning to enjoy a sleep-in now she’s almost two. [x]

is getting into full swing and the rabbits are abundant – I don’t think
the girls stopped flat out running for 50 minutes! [x]