Amos celebrating getting on the sofa…Amber looks a little less thrilled about this development 😂 [x]

He’s wondering why he’s not allowed to come inside yet ☃️ 😱🥶haha [x]

Does anyone else’s Airedale sleep with their hand over their face? (I’d like to think she was embarrassed about getting footprints on the bed, but no) [x]

I told Henry today that I am taking 1/8/2020 off work to celebrate every minute of his Birthday with him! He will be the BIG 5!!!!! We are so Blessed!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ [x]

I got this pic of my pup Jackson while walking through town yesterday. He looks so pretty I had to share <3 [x]

Oooooh that Teazle! She’s not supposed to be curled up in my new mohair throw ……. but she looks so cozy ☺️ [x]


Good morning from Golfo the Airedale Terrier


Find the Christmas Airedale

Love this boy so much, he is sooo clever and loving, in to absolutely everything and he loves to answer back when he’s doing something he shouldn’t be, he’s so funny 😂😂 [x]